My Top 5 Vows for 2018 and Beyond.

Last year I learned a lot. It's kind of scary how much we notice when our face isn't buried in our phone. I learned the difference between vegan and plant-based and that sometimes we can be just as unhealthy as a vegan as we can be as a meat-eating, cheese-eating omnivore. I learned that we use WAY too much plastic. I learned that the quality of our lives have actually gotten worse and we continue to go in a downhill spiral. BUT I have also learned that it's not incredibly difficult to change. 

This year I vow to do 5 things. I have a long list of goals which I will also share but for now, I want to share some of the most important "resolutions" that I have made for not only 2018 but for as long as I live and am able. I don't like the term resolution because most people who make them quit with 4-20 days of making them. These are vows, because just like marriage- I don't want to break them and will do everything I can to keep them. 

No 5.
Buy Less Plastic

Now, this is going to be a resolution that won't be hard, if I am conscious of the things I buy. I have already vowed to buy less plastic toys, and of course, we have already transitioned all of our food storage to glass jars. Going out to eat also means less plastic or things that can't be recycled. I never really noticed the amount of plastic waste we generate in a year until I started saving those plastic produce bags and grocery bags. There is a reason they charge 5 cents a bag now, and it's not because they want more money. We are killing our planet and the more we consume and throw away, the less beauty our children will get to see because all they will have are landfills everywhere. I vow to say no to the plastic cup and instead I will buy a reusable one. (some businesses are giving discounts to people who do this too by the way) 

No 4. 
Reduce Our Waste

This kind of goes hand in hand with the one above but after watching Global Waste on Netflix, I was horrified. This means we buy less food more often to ensure that we aren't throwing away food every week. (I am really bad for going grocery shopping while hungry, so I buy way more than we need in a week and sadly some of it never makes it to our stomachs) I vow to use less paper and go digital with my business, I vow to recycle as much as I possibly can and learn to compost. I vow to use less water and be kinder to our water. Watch Coral Reef if you want to see what I mean. 

No 3. 
Change From a Vegan to a Plant-Based Way of Eating

I know that these two terms mean completely different things, and while I am forever vegan for ethical, moral, and every other reason there is, I do know that you can be a very unhealthy vegan. And this is where I would like to improve things. I vow to eat less "vegan" and more plant-based while also living a vegan lifestyle. If that makes sense. I vow to meal plan and buy accordingly. I vow to eat less processed and grow a garden that we can live off of in the summer. 

No 2. 
Spend Less

Hello, my name is Danielle and I am a shop-a-holic. This. Needs. To. Change. I vow to spend a heck of a lot less and instead of splurging on things that are trendy or spur of the moment, I vow to invest in quality pieces that not only make my home more unique to us but will last a long time. I am a huge vintage lover because that stuff lasts! I vow to look past the good deals and last chance to save gimmicks and use that money to do more quality things like travel and create memories. 

No 1. 
Be Present


By the end of 2017, I knew how I wanted my life to change in 2018 and putting my phone down was the biggest vow I intended to make AND keep. There will be lots of content but there will be less mindless scrolling and weekends will be spent with my loves. I vow to go to bed with a book in my face and wake up to REAL chirping birds. I vow to take one photo of whatever inspires me instead of spending far too long trying to create a picture-perfect image of a life that is far from perfect. I vow to be present in all that I do. 

Do you have goals, resolutions or vows that you are ready to take charge of in 2018? I would love to know how you are going to make this your best year yet! If you'd like to know what my goals are for the year, let me know in the comments and I will plan a post for that. 

Happy living friends!